Organizing Updates

Union organizing isn’t about signing cards — it’s about empowering people and changing lives.

Audi of Concord

We won the election and the Labor Board certified it. Boggs has led the company in filing objections; the case went to a hearing and all of his allegations were dismissed. It’s time to get a contract already.

Winter Chevrolet-Honda

The Service Advisors at this Pittsburg dealership voted to join the union in 2010, however, at that point, they couldn’t be part of the main contract and got a first contract that wasn’t as good. While the old-timers understood the legal machinations that caused this situation, newer advisors felt it was unfair and in 2018, they wanted out of the union, and the union disclaimed the unit. In January, 2021, after a lawsuit filed by the salespeople resulted in the advisors getting a wage reduction, they called the union back in. This time, the union filed for an “Armor Globe” election— which means adding this group to the overall contract, and on July 15, the group voted in favor. Unfortunately, the dealership, under the tutelage of John Boggs, is not respecting the Armor Globe election that was certified, and is now proposing two tiers. As this paper goes to press, the contract is expiring and the techs and advisors will join together to work for a new, fair contract for all.

Lexus of SD

We started bargaining with Lexus in February 2021. Subsequently, the company has terminated and suspended numerous union supporters and is bringing in new hires at a higher rate than current workers. The union has filed unfair labor practice charges because, rather than bargaining in good faith, the employer is doing what’s called surface bargaining, just taking up time until a year goes by and they can drum up a decertification election. Unless workers threaten to take action, the employers delay and delay. The good news is that these workers are willing to take action to have a union contract.

Ryder Stockton

After more than a year and 22 bargaining sessions, negotiations continue for a first contract. The union filed unfair labor practice charges over the company implementing changes without bargaining and not complying with union information requests. With that said, we’re continuing to make progress and hope to have a settlement soon.

Concord Toyota

In 2020, the 10 service advisors at this shop voted in an Armour Globe election to become members of Local 1173. We won the election and won the subsequent hearing to deal with John Bogg’s bogus appeals. But Boggs refuses to bargain with the union. In May, the Labor Board filed a summary motion for enforcement of the order to bargain. The contract is now open so the union is moving ahead with bargaining on behalf of the advisors as part of the overall negotiations.

Tracy Toyota

We won this election a year ago but are still waiting for the Administrative Law judge to decide. Boggs is keeping this contract in a holding pattern.