AI Pension Fund rescue in the works

By July 6, the Automotive Industries (AI) Trust Fund will receive word that the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation (PBGC) will provide more than $1 billion in needed funding to make the AI pension plan whole for at least the next 30 years. That means that members who have paid into that plan and were expecting a full pension will be able to count on receiving it.

There’s no denying that the AI plan was in trouble. And it wasn’t alone. As many as 114 multiemployer pension plans covering nearly 1.3 million workers were severely underfunded and headed toward failure within the next 20 years. The largest of these was the Teamsters’ Central States plan, which had the most unfunded liabilities at nearly $35 billion.

What precipitated this looming disaster for so many people who had worked all their careers, often taking lower wage increases to bolster their pension contributions? At the close of the 1990s, the majority of multiemployer plans reported assets exceeding 90 percent of total liabilities.  

Second Annual Car & Motorcycle Show a big success for GW Auto Shop Club

Saturday, April 22, was the day of the Second Annual Car/Motorcycle Show to benefit the George Washington High School Auto Shop Club in San Francisco.

Auto shop instructor and Local 1414 retiree Rich Del Rosso (pictured above) organized a sold-out and very successful show, held in the high school’s parking lot. Numerous sponsors, including IAM Local 1414, supported the show and many members brought their cars and mingled.

“We thank the many members and retirees who helped Rich make this show a success,” says former IAM Business Rep and Local 1414 active retiree Art Gonzalez. “We also acknowledge the GW principal and staff who support the auto shop program every day.” Local 1414 was instrumental in rebuilding the auto shop program 10 years ago. Gonzalez spearheaded the project and DelRosso was one of its first instructors.

Currently, 101 students are registered in the program. Over the years, many auto shop graduates became apprentices, and have since turned out as journeymen and become active members of the Local.

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Labor & Workforce Development Agency Resources

In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Labor & Workforce Development Agency (LWDA) wants to keep workers, employers, co-workers, and families safe.

What employees are entitled to may be confusing.

The LWDA has centralized all the information regarding Unemployment, Disability, Paid Sick Leave, FMLA and much, much more.


IAM Disaster Relief Fund

Guide Dogs of America still needs your support


The Supreme Court may severely hinder unions’ right to strike

When concrete workers went on strike in Seattle, they returned their trucks to the company yard and left them running to prevent the concrete from becoming unusable and to avoid damaging the vehicles. Because of these precautions, the trucks were fine. But since the...

Amazon loses bid to overturn historic union win at Staten Island warehouse

In the spring of 2022, the upstart Amazon Labor Union won the right to represent some 8,000 workers at the massive New York warehouse. This past January, the National Labor Relations Board’s Region 28 director, Cornele Overstreet, ruled that Amazon should recognize...

In a harebrained response to labor shortages, some lawmakers want more child labor

At a time of widespread labor shortages, one might expect policymakers to welcome asylum seekers and economic migrants eager for an opportunity to make a living in the United States. Instead, as the Washington Post reports, legislators in some states have come up with...

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Buy Union

Flying the union way

When you fly, you want to know that you’re going to arrive safely to your destination. You also might want to know that your crew, both in the plane and on the ground, are treated with respect on the job, have good benefits, and a voice at work. Here is a list of airlines that have partial or completely unionized crews. This includes the pilots, the flight attendants, the...

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