Online Dues Payments

In 2022, union dues for all members will officially increase by $4.46 per month. Note: some locals will be able to subsidize this increase.

“Union dues rates are a function of a couple of different things,” says Area Director Don Crosatto. “Since the formula is based on the rate of pay, any wage increases you received during the prior year will lead to an increase in the dues rate.”

The second factor is that District 190, which pays for your representation, and the International union have a system tying rates to the September Consumer Price Index. “Over the last ten years, the increases have averaged between one and three percent. This year, because of inflation, the CPI number was 5.8%,” Crosatto explains.

Because it was such a large increase, for example, Local 1546 voted to pay 60% of it out of reserves, rather than passing on a bigger increase.

“Most of our contract settlements are coming in above $1 per hour. The dues increase for most members is going to be two or three cents per hour” he adds. “Not a bad trade!”