Initiation Fees and Dues FAQS

Will we have to pay an initiation fee?
Representatives of newly-organized groups may, and in most instances do, request the International to waive the customary initiation fee for all employees employed in the plant, regardless of whether they supported the Union during the campaign or not. The International, almost without exception, approves such requests.

As far as paying dues during the negotiating process, we usually handle this situation in accordance with the desires of the newly organized members. In some instances, such as for benefit purposes, it’s beneficial to pay dues right away. In other cases, it’s not. Your Union representative will discuss this matter with you and other members of your newly organized group to insure that your rights, and those of your peers are fully protected.

What happens to dues money paid to the Local Union?
A portion of it pays the salaries of Business Representatives and office staff. The largest portion pays for rent of office space, equipment, representation, legal fees, grievance and arbitration fees, office supplies, printing costs, transportation, strike fund benefits, etc. The members must, in accordance with our Constitution, approve every dollar spent.